Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The 6th Extinction

by James Rollins
427 pgs  (Sigma series #10)

Ten books into the series and Rollins' Sigma books haven't slowed down, or even taken a breath. The 6th Extinction begins at Yosemite National Park with an underground research base going up in flames. Jenna Beck, a Park Ranger, and her dog Nikko arrive on the scene just in time to see a black helicopter taking off from the scene and a fog emanating from the charred ruins--a fog that kills every living thing it touches. When Jenna and Nikko flee the scene to escape the fog, they're attacked by armed men from the same helicopter and barely escape.

Painter Crowe and his team at Sigma Forces soon become aware of the incident at Yosemite and quickly discover the nature of the fog now spreading throughout the area and it's potentially global consequences. It's up to Painter, Pierce, and the rest of the Sigma Force crew to stop it and those behind it before the earth experiences its sixth extinction.

Rollins does one thing very well, he moves his plot along rapidly. Not much time is spent on character development. But that's not really a priority when most of the characters have been around now for 10 books. He's more concerned with pulling you in to the story and making you want to read late into the night to see what happens next. He knows what he's doing and he's consistent in his delivery. The whole series is a lot of fun, even if sometimes it gets a little too over the top with the action, science, and repeated near-death escapes by the members of Sigma.

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

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