Signed Collection

Abercrombie, Joe - Red Country
Abercrombie, Joe - Half a King
Abercrombie, Joe - Half the World
Abercrombie, Joe - Half a War
Abercrombie, Joe - Sharp Ends
Amis, Martin - The Zone of Interest
Anders, Charlie Jane - All the Birds in the Sky
Anthology - He is Legend (signed by all authors)
Anthology - Robot Uprisings (signed by Daniel H. Wilson)
Anthology - Rogues (signed by: Patrick Rothfuss, Joe Abercrombie)
Anthology - Shadows Beneath (Signed by: Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, Dan Wells)
Anthology - Thriller (signed by all authors)
Anthology - Unfettered (signed by: Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, Tad Williams)

Anthology - Unfettered II (signed by Shawn Speakman, David Farland)
Anthology - Unbound (signed by Terry Brooks, Jason M. Hough, Todd Lockwood, Peter Orullian, Kat Richardson, Shawn Speakman, Brian Staveley)
Anthology - October Dreams II: A Celebration of Halloween (signed by many)
Bacigalupi, Paolo - The Drowned City
Bacigalupi, Paolo - The Water Knife
Bacigalupi, Paolo - Tool of War
Backman, Fredrik - Beartown
Ballard, M. Russell - Yesterday, Today, and Forever
Barry, Dave - Insane City
Barry, Dave & Pearson, Ridley - Peter and the Starcatchers (signed by both)
Barry, Dave & Pearson, Ridley - Peter and the Shadow Thieves (signed by both)
Barry, Dave & Pearson, Ridley - Escape from Carnivale (signed by both)
Barry, Dave & Pearson, Ridley - Peter and the Secret of Rundoon (signed by both)
Barry, Dave & Pearson, Ridley - Peter and the Sword of Mercy (signed by both)
Barry, Dave & Pearson, Ridley - The Bridge to Never Land (signed by both)
Barry, Dave & Zweibel, Alan - Lunatics (signed by both)
Barry, Max - Syrup
Barry, Max - Company
Barry, Max - Lexicon
Bazell, Josh - Wild Thing
Berry, Steve - The Amber Room
Berry, Steve - The Romanov Prophecy
Berry, Steve - The Third Secret
Berry, Steve - The Templar Legacy
Berry, Steve - The Alexandria Link
Berry, Steve - The Venetian Betrayal
Berry, Steve - The Charlemagne Pursuit
Berry, Steve - The Paris Vendetta
Berry, Steve - The Emperor's Tomb
Berry, Steve - The Jefferson Key
Berry, Steve - The Columbus Affair
Berry, Steve - The King's Deception
Berry, Steve - The Lincoln Myth
Berry, Steve - The Patriot Threat
Berry, Steve - The 14th Colony
Berry, Steve - The Lost Order
Berry, Steve - The Bishop's Pawn
Bradbury, Ray - The Toynbee Convector
Bradbury, Ray - Let's All Kill Constance
Brom - The Child Thief
Brom - Krampus: The Yule Lord
Brom - Lost Gods
Brooks, Max - World War Z
Brown, Dan - Deception Point
Brown, Dan - Angels & Demons
Brown, Dan - The Lost Symbol
Brown, Dan - Inferno
Brown, Dan - Origin
Brown, Pierce - Red Rising
Brown, Pierce - Golden Son
Brown, Pierce - Morning Star
Brown, Pierce - Iron Gold
Bryson, Bill - The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid
Bryson, Bill - At Home: A Short History of Private Life
Bryson, Bill - One Summer: America, 1927
Bryson, Bill - The Road to Little Dribbling
Buckley, Christopher - Florence of Arabia
Buckley, Christopher - Boomsday
Buckley, Christopher - Supreme Courtship
Buckley, Christopher - They Eat Puppies, Don't They?
Buckley, Christopher - The Relic Master
Butcher, Jim - The Aeronaut's Windlass
Caldwell, Ian - The Fifth Gospel
Card, Orson Scott - Ender's Game
Card, Orson Scott - Speaker for the Dead
Card, Orson Scott - Xenocide
Card, Orson Scott - The Memory of Earth
Card, Orson Scott - Shadow of the Hedgemon
Card, Orson Scott - Shadow Puppets
Card, Orson Scott - Shadow of the Giant
Carey, M.R. - The Boy on the Bridge
Carr, Caleb - The Legend of Broken
Chabon, Michael - The Final Solution
Chabon, Michael - The Yiddish Policemen's Union
Chabon, Michael - Telegraph Avenue
Chabon, Michael - Moonglow
Chiang, Ted - Stories of Your Life and Others
Child, Lee - 61 Hours
Child, Lincoln - Deep Storm
Child, Lincoln - Terminal Freeze
Child, Lincoln - The Third Gate
Child, Lincoln - The Forgotten Room
Chile, Lincoln - Full Wolf Moon
Clancy, Tom - Dead or Alive
Clarke, Brock - Exley
Clarke, Brock - The Happiest People in the World
Clarke, Susanna - Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
Clarke, Susanna - The Ladies of Grace Adieu
Cline, Ernest - Ready Player One
Cline, Ernest - Armada
Colfer, Eoin - And Another Thing . . .
Colfer, Eoin - Plugged
Crichton, Michael - The Great Train Robbery
Crichton, Michael - Eaters of the Dead
Crichton, Michael - Jurassic Park
Cronin, Justin - The Passage
Cronin, Justin - The Twelve
Cronin, Justin - The City of Mirrors
Crouch, Blake - Dark Matter
Darnton, John - The Darwin Conspiracy
Dashner, James - The Maze Runner
Dashner, James - The Scorch Trials
Dashner, James - The Death Cure
Dashner, James - The Kill Order
Dashner, James - The Fever Code
Deaver, Jeffery - A Maiden's Grave
Deaver, Jeffery - The Bone Collector
Deaver, Jeffery - The Coffin Dancer
Deaver, Jeffery - The Devil's Teardrop
Deaver, Jeffery - The Empty Chair
Deaver, Jeffery - Speaking in Tongues
Deaver, Jeffery - The Blue Nowhere
Deaver, Jeffery - The Stone Monkey
Deaver, Jeffery - The Vanished Man
Deaver, Jeffery - Twisted
Deaver, Jeffery - Garden of Beasts
Deaver, Jeffery - The Twelfth Card
Deaver, Jeffery - Cold Moon
Deaver, Jeffery - More Twisted
Deaver, Jeffery - The Sleeping Doll
Deaver, Jeffery - The Broken Window
Deaver, Jeffery - The Bodies Left Behind
Deaver, Jeffery - Roadside Crosses
Deaver, Jeffery - The Burning Wire
Deaver, Jeffery - Edge
Deaver, Jeffery - Carte Blanche
Deaver, Jeffery - XO
Deaver, Jeffery - The Kill Room
Deaver, Jeffery - The October List
Deaver, Jeffery - Trouble in Mind
Deaver, Jeffery - The Skin Collector
Deaver, Jeffery - Solitude Creek
Deaver, Jeffery - The Steel Kiss
Deaver, Jeffery - The Burial Hour
Deaver, Jeffery - The Cutting Edge
Del Torro, Guillermo & Hogan, Chuck - The Strain (signed by GDT)
Del Torro, Guillermo & Hogan, Chuck - The Fall (signed by both)

Doctorow, Cory - Walkaway
Doerr, Anthony - All the Light We Cannot See
Dunn, Mark - American Decameron
Elliott, Chris - The Shroud of the Thwacker
Elliott, Chris - Into Hot Air
Extence, Gavin - The Mirror World of Melody Black
Extence, Gavin - The Empathy Problem
Eyring, Henry J. & Eaton, Robert I - I Will Lead You Along: The Life of Henry B. Eyring (HBE)
Fahy, Warren - Fragment
Fahy, Warren - Pandemonium
Ferguson, Craig - Between the Bridge and the River
Fforde, Jasper - Something Rotten
Fforde, Jasper - The Big Over Easy
Fforde, Jasper - The Fourth Bear
Fforde, Jasper - First Among Sequels
Fforde, Jasper - Shades of Grey
Fforde, Jasper - The Last Dragonslayer
Fforde, Jasper - One of our Thursdays is Missing
Fforde, Jasper - The Woman Who Died a Lot
Fforde, Jasper - The Eye of Zoltar
Flynn, Gillian - Gone Girl
Follett, Ken - Fall of Giants
Follett, Ken - A Column of Fire
Folsom, Allan - The Exile
Folsom, Allan - The Machiavelli Covenant
Folsom, Allan - The Hadrian Memorandum
Franzen, Jonathan - Freedom
Franzen, Jonathan - Purity
Gaiman, Neil - Stardust
Gaiman, Neil - Fragile Things
Gaiman, Neil - Anansi Boys
Gaiman, Neil - M is for Magic
Gaiman, Neil - The Graveyard Book
Gaiman, Neil - The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Gaiman, Neil - The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains
Gaiman, Neil - Trigger Warning
Gaiman, Neil - Norse Mythology
Garcia, Eric - Casual Rex
Garcia, Eric - Anonymous Rex
Garcia, Eric - Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys
Garris, Mick - Ugly
Gilman, Felix - Gears of the City
Gilman, Felix - Thunderer
Gilman, Felix - The Half-Made World
Gilman, Felix - The Rise of Ransom City
Gilman, Felix - The Revolutions
Graham-Smith, Seth - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Graham-Smith, Seth - Unholy Night
Graham-Smith, Seth - The Last American Vampire
Grecian, Alex - The Yard
Grecian, Alex - The Black Country
Grecian, Alex - The Devil's Workshop
Grecian, Alex - The Harvest Man
Grecian, Alex - Lost and Gone Forever
Grecian, Alex - The Saint of Wolves and Butchers
Gregory, Daryl - Spoonbenders
Grisham, John - The Confession
Grisham, John - The Whistler
Grisham, John - Camino Island
Grisham, John - The Rooster Bar
Grossman, Austin - Soon I Will Be Invincible
Grossman, Austin - You
Grossman, Austin - Crooked
Grossman, Lev - The Magicians
Grossman, Lev - The Magician King
Grossman, Lev - The Magician's Land
Hagar, Sammy - Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock
Hanks, Tom - Uncommon Type: Some Stories
Hannah, Kristin - The Great Alone
Harkaway, Nick - Gnomon
Hawkins, Paula - The Girl on the Train
Hawkins, Paula - Into the Water
Henderson, Randy - Finn Fancy Necromancy
Henderson, Randy - Bigfootloose and Finn Fancy Free
Henderson, Randy - Smells Like Finn Spirit
Hiaasen, Carl - Skin Tight
Hiaasen, Carl - Stormy Weather
Hiaasen, Carl - Lucky You
Hiaasen, Carl - Skinny Dip
Hiaasen, Carl - Flush
Hiaasen, Carl - Nature Girl
Hiaasen, Carl - Scat
Hiaasen, Carl - Star Island
Hiaasen, Carl - Bad Monkey
Hiaasen, Carl - Skink No Surrender
Hiaasen, Carl - Razor Girl
Hill, Joe - 20th Century Ghosts
Hill, Joe - Heart-Shaped Box
Hill, Joe - Horns
Hill, Joe - NOS4A2
Hill, Joe - The Fireman
Hill, Joe - Strange Weather
Hinton, S.E. - The Outsiders
Holland, Jeffrey R. - To My Friends
Hoobler, Dorothy & Thomas - Monsters: Mary Shelley & the Curse of Frankenstein (signed by both)
Hornby, Nick - About a Boy
Hornby, Nick - A Long Way Down
Hornby, Nick - Juliet, Naked
Hornby, Nick - Funny Girl
Jacobs, A.J. - Know-It-All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World
Jacobs, A.J. - The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible
Jacobs, A.J. - The Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life as an Experiment
Jacobs, A.J. - Drop Dead Healthy: One Man's Humble Quest for Bodily Perfection
Jacobs, A.J. - It's All Relative: Adventures Up and Down the World's Family Tree
Johnson, Craig - The Cold Dish
Johnson, Craig - Death Without Company
Johnson, Craig - Kindness Goes Unpunished
Johnson, Craig - Another Man's Moccasins
Johnson, Craig - The Dark Horse
Johnson, Craig - Junkyard Dogs
Johnson, Craig - Hell is Empty
Johnson, Craig - As the Crow Flies
Johnson, Craig - A Serpent's Tooth
Johnson, Craig - Spirit of Steamboat
Johnson, Craig - Any Other Name
Johnson, Craig - Dry Bones
Johnson, Craig - Wait for Signs
Johnson, Craig - The Highway Man
Johnson, Craig - An Obvious Fact
Johnson, Craig - The Western Star
Kepler, Lars - The Sandman
Kerr, Philip - Hitler's Peace
Kerr, Philip - A Quiet Flame
Kerr, Philip - If the Dead Rise Not
Kerr, Philip - Prague Fatale
Kerr, Philip - Field Grey
Kerr, Philip - Prayer
Kerr, Philip - A Man Without Breath
Kerr, Philip - The Lady from Zagreb
King, Owen - Double Feature
King, Stephen - Christine
King, Stephen - The Little Sisters of Eluria & The Gunslinger (signed by illustrator)
King, Stephen - The Dark Tower (signed by illustrator)
King, Stephen & Straub, Peter - Black House (signed by both)
King, Stephen - End of Watch
King, Stephen & Chizmar, Richard - Gwendy's Button Box (Signed by RC)
Koontz, Dean - Dragon Tears
Koontz, Dean - Innocence
Kostova, Elizabeth - The Historian
Kurson, Robert - Shadow Divers
Larsen, Reif - The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet
Lansdale, Joe R. & Lansdale, John L. - Hell's Bounty
Larsen, Reif - I am Radar
Larson, Erik - The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America
Larson, Erik - Thunderstruck
Larson, Erik - In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin
Larson, Erik - Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania
Lehane, Dennis - A Drink Before War
Lehane, Dennis - Darkness, Take My Hand
Lehane, Dennis - Sacred
Lehane, Dennis - Gone, Baby, Gone
Lehane, Dennis - Prayers for Rain
Lehane, Dennis - Mystic River
Lehane, Dennis - Shutter Island
Lehane, Dennis - Coronado: Stories
Lehane, Dennis - The Given Day
Lehane, Dennis - Moonlight Mile
Lehane, Dennis - Live by Night
Lehane, Dennis - The Drop
Lehane, Dennis - World Gone By
Lehane, Dennis - Since We Fell
Leonard, Elmore - Be Cool
Leonard, Elmore - The Hot Kid
Leonard, Elmore - Djibouti
Leonard, Elmore - Raylan
Levy, Robert - The Glittering World
Lindsay, Jeff - Dearly Devoted Dexter
Lindsay, Jeff - Dexter in the Dark
Lindsay, Jeff - Dexter By Design
Lindsay, Jeff - Dexter is Delicious
Lindsay, Jeff - Double Dexter
Lindsay, Jeff - Dexter's Final Cut
Lindsay, Jeff - Dexter is Dead
Lockwood, Todd - The Summer Dragon
Lowry, Lois - The Giver
Lynch, Scott - The Lies of Locke Lamora
Lynch, Scott - The Republic of Thieves
Maguire, Gregory - A Lion Among Men
Maguire, Gregory - After Alice
Maguire, Gregory - Hiddensee
Martel, Yann - Beatrice & Virgil
Martel, Yann - The High Mountains of Portugal
Martin, George R.R. - Dying of the Light
Martin, George R.R. - A Clash of Kings
Martin, George R.R. - A Feast for Crows
Martin, George R.R. - A Dance with Dragons
Martin, George R.R. - A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
McCammon, Robert - Baal
McCammon, Robert - Bethany's Sin
McCammon, Robert - The Night Boat
McCammon, Robert - Boy's Life
McCammon, Robert - The Wolf's Hour
McCammon, Robert - Swan Song
McCammon, Robert - Speaks the Nightbird
McCammon, Robert - The Queen of Bedlam
McCammon, Robert - Mr. Slaughter
McCammon, Robert - The Five
McCammon, Robert - The Hunter from the Woods
McCammon, Robert - The Providence Rider
McCammon, Robert - I Travel by Night
McCammon, Robert - The River of Souls
McCammon, Robert - They Thirst
McCammon, Robert - The Border
McCammon, Robert - Blue World
McCammon, Robert - Stinger
McCammon, Robert - Freedom of the Mask
McCammon, Robert - Last Train From Perdition
McEwan, Ian - Nutshell
Meltzer, Brad - The Book of Fate
Meltzer, Brad - The Book of Lies
Meltzer, Brad - The Inner Circle
Meltzer, Brad - The Escape Artist
Miéville, China - King Rat
Miéville, China - The Scar
Miéville, China - Iron Council
Miéville, China - Looking for Jake
Miéville, China - Un Lun Dun
Miéville, China - The City & the City
Miéville, China - Kraken
Miéville, China - Embassytown
Miéville, China - Railsea
Miéville, China - Three Moments of an Explosion
Miéville, China - This Census-Taker
Miéville, China - The Last Days of New Paris
Milán, Victor - The Dinosaur Lords
Milán, Victor - The Dinosaur Knights
Milán, Victor - The Dinosaur Princess
Mitchell, David - The Bone Clocks
Mitchell, David - Slade House
Monson, Thomas S. - Teachings of Thomas S. Monson
Moore, Alan - Voice of the Fire
Moore, Christopher - Practical Demonkeeping
Moore, Christopher - Coyote Blue
Moore, Christopher - Bloodsucking Fiends
Moore, Christopher - Island of the Sequined Love Nun
Moore, Christopher - The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove
Moore, Christopher - Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
Moore, Christopher - Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings
Moore, Christopher - The Stupidest Angel
Moore, Christopher - A Dirty Job
Moore, Christopher - You Suck: A Love Story
Moore, Christopher - Fool
Moore, Christopher - Bite Me
Moore, Christopher - The Griff
Moore, Christopher - Sacré Bleu
Moore, Christopher - The Serpent of Venice
Moore, Christopher - Secondhand Souls
Moore, Christopher - Noir
Moore, Graham - The Sherlockian
Moore, Graham - The Last Days of Night
Morrell, David - The Hundred-Year Christmas
Morrell, David - Creepers
Morrell, David - Scavenger
Morrell, David - The Shimmer
Morrell, David - Murder as a Fine Art
Morrell, David - Inspector of the Dead
Morrell, David - Ruler of the Night
Morris, Bob - Bahamarama
Morris, Bob - Jamaica Me Dead
Morris, Bob - A Deadly Silver Sea
Morris, Bob - Baja Florida
Morrison, Boyd - The Ark
Morrison, Boyd - The Vault
Mosse, Kate - Sepulchre
Nesbø, Jo - The Bat
Nesbø, Jo - Cockroaches
Nesbø, Jo - Nemesis
Nesbø, Jo - The Devil's Star
Nesbø, Jo - The Redeemer
Nesbø, Jo - The Snowman
Nesbø, Jo - Phantom
Nesbø, Jo - Police
Nesbø, Jo - The Son
Nesbø, Jo - Blood on Snow
Nesbø, Jo - Midnight Sun
Nesbø, Jo - The Thirst
Niven, Larry & Benford, Gregory - Bowl of Heaven (signed by both)
O'Malley, Daniel - Stiletto
Orullian, Peter - The Unremembered
Orullian, Peter - Trial of Intentions
Palahniuk, Chuck - Haunted
Palahniuk, Chuck - Rant
Palahniuk, Chuck - Tell-All
Palahniuk, Chuck - Damned
Palahniuk, Chuck - Doomed
Palahniuk, Chuck - Beautiful You
Palahniuk, Chuck - Adjustment Day
Paolini, Christopher - Eragon
Paolini, Christopher - Eldest
Paolini, Christopher - Brisingr
Paolini, Christopher - Inheritance
Pearl, Matthew - The Poe Shadow
Pearl, Matthew - The Last Dickens
Pearl, Matthew - The Technologists
Pearl, Matthew - The Last Bookaneer
Pelecanos, George - A Firing Offense
Pelecanos, George - The Big Blowdown
Pelecanos, George - King Suckerman
Pelecanos, George - The Sweet Forever
Pelecanos, George - Shame the Devil
Pelecanos, George - Right as Rain
Pelecanos, George - Hell to Pay
Pelecanos, George - Soul Circus
Pelecanos, George - Hard Revolution
Pelecanos, George - The Night Gardener
Pelecanos, George - Drama City
Pelecanos, George - The Turnaround
Pelecanos, George - The Way Home
Pelecanos, George - The Cut
Pelecanos, George - What it Was
Pelecanos, George - The Double
Pelecanos, George - The Martini Shot
Phillips, Arthur - The Egyptologist
Phillips, Arthur - Angelica
Phillips, Arthur - The Tragedy of Arthur
Pratchett, Terry - Hogfather
Pratchett, Terry - Thud
Pratchett, Terry - Wintersmith
Pratchett, Terry - Making Money
Pratchett, Terry - Unseen Academicals
Pratchett, Terry - I Shall Wear Midnight
Pratchett, Terry - Snuff
Pratchett, Terry - Dodger
Pratchett, Terry - Raising Steam
Pratchett, Terry & Baxter, Stephen - The Long Earth
Pratchett, Terry & Baxter, Stephen - The Long War
Pratchett, Terry & Baxter, Stephen - The Long Mars
Prentiss, Norman - The Book of Baby Names
Preston, Douglas - The Codex
Preston, Douglas - Tyrannosaur Canyon
Preston, Douglas - Blasphemy
Preston, Douglas - Impact
Preston, Douglas - The Kraken Poject
Preston, Douglas - The Lost City of the Monkey God
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Relic (Preston)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Mount Dragon (Preston)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Reliquary (Preston)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Riptide (Preston)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Thunderhead (Preston)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - The Ice Limit (Preston)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - The Cabinet of Curiosities (Preston)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Still Life with Crows (Preston)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Brimstone (Preston)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Dance of Death (Preston)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Book of the Dead (signed by both)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - The Wheel of Darkness (signed by both)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Cemetery Dance (signed by both)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Fever Dream (signed by both)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Gideon's Sword (signed by both)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Cold Vengeance (signed by both)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Gideon's Corpse (signed by both)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Two Graves (signed by both)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - White Fire (signed by both)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - The Lost Island (signed by both)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Blue Labyrinth (signed by both)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Crimson Shore (signed by both)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - Beyond the Ice Limit (signed by both)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - The Obsidian Chamber (signed by both)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln - City of Endless Night (signed by both)
Pronzini, Bill - Revenant
Reid, Rob - Year Zero
Reid, Rob - After On
Reilly, Matthew - Scarecrow
Reilly, Matthew - The Six Sacred Stones
Reilly, Matthew - The Five Greatest Warriors
Reilly, Matthew - Scarecrow Returns
Reilly, Matthew - The Tournament
Reilly, Matthew - The Great Zoo of China
Rice, Anne - Interview with a Vampire
Rice, Anne - Prince Lestat
Rice, Anne - Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis
Roach, Mary - Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers
Roach, Mary - Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife
Roach, Mary - Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science & Sex
Roach, Mary - Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void
Roach, Mary - Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal
Roach, Mary - Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War
Robbins, Tom - Tibetan Peach Pie
Rollins, James - Subterranean
Rollins, James - Excavation
Rollins, James - Deep Fathom
Rollins, James - Amazonia
Rollins, James - Ice Hunt
Rollins, James - Sandstorm
Rollins, James - Map of Bones
Rollins, James - Black Order
Rollins, James - The Judas Strain
Rollins, James - The Last Oracle
Rollins, James - The Doomsday Key
Rollins, James - The Altar of Eden
Rollins, James - The Devil Colony
Rollins, James - Bloodline
Rollins, James - The Eye of God
Rollins, James - The 6th Extinction
Rollins, James - The Bone Labyrinth
Rollins, James - The Seventh Plague
Rollins, James - The Demon Crown
Rollins, James & Blackwood, Grant - The Kill Switch
Rollins, James & Blackwood, Grant - War Hawk (signed by both)
Rothfuss, Patrick - The Name of the Wind
Rothfuss, Patrick - The Wise Man's Fear
Rothfuss, Patrick - The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle: The Thing Beneath the Bed
Rothfuss, Patrick - The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle: The Dark of Deep Below
Rothfuss, Patrick - The Slow Regard of Silent Things
Sanderson, Brandon - Elantris
Sanderson, Brandon - Mistborn
Sanderson, Brandon - The Well of Ascension
Sanderson, Brandon - The Hero of Ages
Sanderson, Brandon - Warbreaker
Sanderson, Brandon - The Way of Kings
Sanderson, Brandon - The Alloy of Law
Sanderson, Brandon - Legion
Sanderson, Brandon - Legion: Skin Deep
Sanderson, Brandon - The Emperor's Soul
Sanderson, Brandon - The Rithmatist
Sanderson, Brandon - Words of Radiance
Sanderson, Brandon - Steelheart
Sanderson, Brandon - Mitosis
Sanderson, Brandon - Firefight
Sanderson, Brandon - Towers of Midnight
Sanderson, Brandon - The Gathering Storm
Sanderson, Brandon - Firstborn/Defending Elysium
Sanderson, Brandon - Shadows of Self
Sanderson, Brandon - The Bands of Mourning
Sanderson, Brandon - Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell/Perfect State
Sanderson, Brandon - Calamity
Sanderson, Brandon - Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians
Sanderson, Brandon - Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians: The Scrivener's Bones
Sanderson, Brandon - Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians: The Knights of Crystallia
Sanderson, Brandon - Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians: The Shattered Lens
Sanderson, Brandon - Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians: The Dark Talent
Sanderson, Brandon - Arcanum Unbounded
Sanderson, Brandon - Snapshot
Sanderson, Brandon - Oathbringer
Saunders, George - Lincoln in the Bardo
Saylor, Steven - The Seven Wonders
Scalzi, John - Fuzzy Nation
Scalzi, John - Redshirts
Scalzi, John - Unlocked
Scalzi, John - Lock In
Scalzi, John - Head On
Scalzi, John - The Collapsing Empire
Sedaris, David - Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim
Sedaris, David - Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk
Sedaris, David - When Your Are Engulfed in Flames
Sedaris, David - Let's Explore Diabetes with Owles
Sedaris, David - Theft by Finding: Diaries 1977-2002
Selznick, Brian - The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Selznick, Brian - The Marvels
Sigler, Scott - Infected
Sigler, Scott - Contagious
Sigler, Scott - Pandemic
Sigler, Scott - Ancestor
Sigler, Scott - The Rookie
Sigler, Scott - The Starter
Sigler, Scott - The All-Pro
Sigler, Scott - Nocturnal
Sigler, Scott - The MVP
Sigler, Scott - The Champion
Sigler, Scott - Alive
Sigler, Scott - Alight
Sigler, Scott - Alone
Sigler, Scott - Earthcore
Silva, Daniel - The Unlikely Spy
Silva, Daniel - The Mark of the Assassin
Silva, Daniel - The Marching Season
Silva, Daniel - The Kill Artist
Silva, Daniel - The English Assassin
Silva, Daniel - The Confessor
Silva, Daniel - A Death in Vienna
Silva, Daniel - Prince of Fire
Silva, Daniel - The Messenger
Silva, Daniel - The Secret Servant
Silva, Daniel - Moscow Rules
Silva, Daniel - The Defector
Silva, Daniel - The Rembrandt Affair
Silva, Daniel - Portrait of a Spy
Silva, Daniel - The Fallen Angel
Silva, Daniel - The Heist
Silva, Daniel - The English Spy
Silva, Daniel - The Black Widow
Silva, Daniel - House of Spies
Simmons, Dan - Summer of Night
Simmons, Dan - Ilium
Simmons, Dan - Olympos
Simmons, Dan - Carrion Comfort
Simmons, Dan - The Terror
Simmons, Dan - Drood
Simmons, Dan - The Black Hills
Simmons, Dan - Flashback
Simmons, Dan - The Abominable
Simmons, Dan - The Fifth Heart
Skousen, W. Cleon - The First 2,000 Years
Smith, Scott - The Ruins
Smith, Tom Rob - Child 44
Smith, Tom Rob - The Secret Speech
Smith, Tom Rob - Agent 6
Smith, Tom Rob - The Farm
Speakman, Shawn - The Dark Thorn
Staveley, Brian - The Emperor's Blades
Staveley, Brian - The Providence of Fire
Staveley, Brian - The Last Mortal Bond
Staveley, Brian - Skullsworn
Stein, Garth - A Sudden Light
Stephenson, Neal - Anathem
Stephenson, Neal - Reamde
Stephenson, Neal - Seveneves
Stephenson, Neal & Galland, Nicole - The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O
Stockton, John - Assisted
Stoker, Dacre - Dracula the Undead
Sweterlitsch, Tom - The Gone World
Swinton, Heidi - To the Rescue: The Biography of Thomas S. Monson (signed by TSM)
Tartt, Donna - The Goldfinch
Thomason, Dustin - 12.21
Tolkien, J. R. R. - The Hobbit (signed by illustrator)
Tolkien, J. R. R. - The Lord of the Rings (signed by illustrator)
Towles, Amor - A Gentleman in Moscow
Truss, Lynne - Talk to the Hand
Twelve Hawks, John - The Dark River
Twelve Hawks, John - The Golden City

Twelve Hawks, John - Spark
Udall, Brady - The Lonely Polygamist

Walker, Turley, Leonard - Massacre at Mountain Meadows
Weir, Andy - The Martian
Wells, Dan - I Am Not a Serial Killer

Wells, Dan - Mr. Monster
Wells, Dan - I Don't Want to Kill You
Wells, Dan - Partials
Wells, Dan - The Hollow City
Wells, Dan - Fragments
Wells, Dan - Ruins
Wells, Dan - The Devil's Only Friend
Wells, Dan - Over Your Dead Body
Wells, Dan - Bluescreen
Wells, Dan - Extreme Makeover
Wells, Dan - Nothing Left to Lose
Wells, Dan - Active Memory
Williams, Tad - Shadowmarch
Williams, Tad - The Dragonbone Chair
Williams, Tad - Stone of Farewell
Williams, Tad - The Green Angel Tower
Williams, Tad - The Heart of What Was Lost
Williams, Tad - The Witchwood Crown
Williams, Tad - Rite
Williams, Tad - A Stark and Wormy Knight
Wilson, Daniel H. - Robopocalypse
Wilson, Daniel H. - Amped
Wilson, Daniel H. - Robogenesis
Wilson, Daniel H. - The Clockwork Dynasty
Wong, David - John Dies at the End
Zafón, Carlos Ruiz - The Angel's Game
Zafón, Carlos Ruiz - The Prisoner of Heaven

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